**UPDATE** All shows have been cancelled due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Stay tuned...



Introducing B.A.R.N. – a new live electronica project by Brett McConnell, Alex Weinberg, Rowan Cobb, and Nick Werth. Combining their skills and knowledge of a vast variety of electronic music, B.A.R.N. primarily explores Drum n’ Bass music, as well as the styles it grew out of (breakbeat, jungle) in a highly improvisational manner. Their shows will aim to make the audience dance nonstop while also providing a meditative, higher conscious state of mind that the music of DnB tends to provide for its listeners.

(B)rett McConnell - Guitar, lap steel guitar, synth

(A)lex Weinberg - Keyboards, synths

(R)owan Cobb - Bass

(N)ick Werth - Drums